The Integrative
Center for Alternative Development (ICAD) Foundation recognizes the value of harmonious relations with members of the different
sectors of society as it pursues its numerous and varied programs and activities. Since ICAD Foundation is operated by both Filipino and
Turkish nationals, one of its goals is to bridge the gap between the two countries, the Philippines and Turkey. The foundation sponsors
trips to Turkey and Turkey to Philippines, dinners and other gatherings which provide some members of society in both countries to
discover and appreciate the other, its people and its culture.
Among the different sectors of Philippine society, the foundation creates linkages and networks with National & Local
Government Units, Businesses & Corporations, Media and the Academe. To date, the foundation through its international linkages and
networks was able to bring heads and some members of these sectors to Turkey and continues to maintain professional and friendly
relations with them. The former Secretary of the Department of Education Mr. Jesli Lapus, Lt. Gen. Benjamin  Dolorfino, DepEd
Regional Director for NCR Dr. Teresita Domalanta , Dr. Emerlinda R. Roman President  of the University of the Philippines, Professor
Randolf David of the University of the Philippines, Dr. Mario Miclat Dean of the Asian Studies of University of the Philippines, Dr.
Julkipli WadiPresident  Dean of the Institute of Islamic  Studies of University of the Philippines,   Media personalities Ms. Che Che
Lazaro, Jarius Bondoc of Philippine Star, Mr. Robin Padilla and from the business sector Michael T. Lim owner of MEGA Fishing
Corporation, Nelson A. Tan Aleson of Cargo Shipment Company, Joseph Lim of LKG Group of Companies, Arturo F.Eustaqui III.CEO
owner of Universidad de Zamboanga were among some of those whom the foundation was able to welcome into the Republic of Turkey
within the last years. The foundation’s head office located in Wilson St. Greenhills, City of San Juan has likewise been a host to numerous
dinners and special gatherings wherein members of these sectors were welcomed and embraced as part of its family.

The ICAD Foundation shall continue to pursue its goals and objectives which are anchored on the principles of peace, love and
understanding among peoples of different nationalities, cultures, beliefs and religions because it believes that the young people of the
world deserves a better and more peaceful world to live in.


ICAD Foundation and Fountain International School have affiliations and professional alliances with numerous schools around
the world, creating a wide array of educational opportunities for our students. FIS students who wish to continue their primary,
secondary and tertiary education in another country may be provided with assistance so that the process of applications into these
international schools may be expedited, allowing them to transfer their records and be given a student visa with much less effort.

Likewise, these international relations are maintained via regular articulations among the members of the schools’ administrators
assuring our students reliable and fast-track procedures and special considerations as may be required by the partner international
schools. More so, the administrators engage in systemic and recurrent meetings and professional sharing to continually evaluate, update
and improve the curricular and co-curricular programs ensuring an offering which is globally competitive.

Coordination and partnerships with international colleges and universities are also being undertaken so that our graduates may
be given the opportunity to pursue higher education in schools of their choice anywhere around the world.