ICAD foundation is a private, non-profit, non-government organization was established under the Securities and Exchange
Commision (SEC) on April 16, 1996 and currently has three (3) schools under its administration here in the Philippines. The Filipino-
Turkish Tolerance School in Zamboanga City located south of the country was established in 1997 offering Elementary and Secondary
education. In Manila, the foundation has two (2) schools elementary and high school, which were established in year 2002 and year
2006 respectively. The foundation is founded by 3 Filipino and 2 Turkish members to establish schools throught Philippines.  located
here in the City of San Juan. All these schools apply the same ideals and philosophy of the foundation built on the belief that peace and
understanding among students of different nationalities, religion and diverse cultures may be achieved through education that is free
from prejudice. To date, our students come from 28 countries, and all of them are reaping the benefits of a high-quality standard of
education with a specially designed curriculum that focuses on science and mathematics. Fountain International School students are
developed to demonstrate achievement, engage themselves in academic endeavors and persist to successfully acquire learning, skills
and abilities valued by society so they may connect these to real-life applications and further link their education to the future.

We at ICAD pride ourselves with our success as we continue with our commitment and advocacy for academic excellence and global
competence. For the past two school years, our students have participated and won major awards in National and International
Science and Math Olympiads. These achievements make all our efforts worthwhile as we witness our students learning and growing
into young adults empowered with critical thinking, social responsibility and values which will enable them to be productive citizens of
the world.

Our world seems to be getting smaller as more people live in it. Sadly, as global population increases, people seem to find less time for
each other. The value of harmonious and genuine relations is diminishing faster than the speed of light. People have trouble keeping in
touch with their loved ones, knowing who their neighbors are and nurture friendly relations with them. Here, at ICAD we commit
ourselves to the value of creating an authentic learning environment built on academic excellence and social responsibility. We shall
continue to promote peace and understanding through education and trust that our students will face the challenges of an increasingly
complex society to live and promote peace anywhere their lives take them.