Committed to provide dynamic educational experience through globally relevant and intensive academic and non-academic
programs, acquiring solid competencies in critical thinking, creative problem solving, value judgment, consensus building,
informed decision making and technical literacy.


To develop well-rounded and globally competitive individuals.


Cultivate discipline, self-reliance, responsibility and acceptance of other cultures.


The administrators and educators of the ICAD Foundation believe that our contemporary world and its people are continuously
struggling with a constant flow of problems. We acknowledge that poverty, ignorance and lack of peace are three major problems that
are besetting the world which hinder its people to move forward and become positive members of society and the world.

We at ICAD and its schools believe that among these problems, ignorance must be primarily addressed enabling the people to recognize
and address the subsequent problems. As an educational institution, we commit ourselves to a true, unbiased, unprejudiced,
contemporary and high quality education which will erase ignorance among the youth of this generation, leading to a productive future.
A value oriented and high quality education will create a new generation of professionals who are service-oriented, morally sound and
excellent doers in their chosen fields of expertise. As this new generation of unselfish and uncaring professionals pursue their careers and
become positive contributors to society they are then able to help in the alleviation of poverty among the other members of the
community. When poverty is lessened remarkably in a society, disputes and conflicts are likewise lessened tremendously. Hence, people
will begin to understand and respect each other’s life styles, beliefs and traditions. From which a peaceful world shall emerge to allow its
citizens to co-exist and live their lives free from quarrel and war.

Three major problems. These are; Poverty, Ignorance and Disputes. Among these problems, Ignorance is the first and most important
problem among them and it needs to be addressed through true, unbiased, unprejudiced, contemporary and high quality education. A
value oriented and quality education will create a new generation of professionals who neither suffer poverty nor will be selfish and
uncaring. Poverty will be solved through the contributions of this new generation of professionals. Who will actively be well of, well
educated and present in all social and civic activities. And finally the disputes which are mostly due to poverty will be solved with the
beginning of people’s understanding and respecting each others life styles, beliefs and traditions.

Hence the main educational philosophy of ICAD foundation is to create a generation of citizens who will achieve and contribute to
solutions of problems of our humanity.