Testimonies from Important Personalities
Hon. Mayor Guia Gomez

I appreciate you, the whole community of Fountain International School for being in San Juan, choosing to put up a good institution here in
this city.  I will be very honest, you have quite a standard higher than most of other schools and that is something that we should probably
try to come up with in order to raise also our standard, and to try to reach a level where they will be able to compete.
I also appreciate the activities that promote sharing and interacting. Education is also interacting, and you have shown us that, slowly.
Before, you were thought of as an institution which is too high, something that cannot be reached, but now that you have participated in so
many of our school activities, you socialized with the public schools as well, and you reached out to other needy Filipinos not only in San
Juan but also in other places.  I wish you could have more of that interaction. I appreciate that very much, thank you very much.

Dr. Emerlinda  Roman - President, University of the Philippines

It is a very welcome move to have schools, Turkish schools.  Anything that advances or propose education is a welcome, is very welcome in
Philippines. And I am glad that it is through education and not just through business or through economy that we have a foreign friends who
are involve in Phil. Society.
We can have student exchanges because I would really like our students to see and feel the beauty of Turkey because I know that there are
many things to be learned. So faculty exchanges, student exchanges, collaborative research could be some examples like which we can
work together.

Dr. Mario Miclad  - Dean, Asian Center, University of the Philippines
We were impressed with the schools and universities we visited in Turkey. I can see the intellectual level of the Turkish people, they see
things both from the heart as people as person. You are cultured people. The Things are seen out from well rounded view and not just for
personal view, very impressive.

Mr. Ciriaco Lagunzad - Executive Director, National Wages and Productivity Commission, DOLE
I see that the Turkish schools here are patent after the science high school. Very HIGH STANDARD. I can also compare this to Philippines
Science HS here where I came from. I can see that even observing the science exhibit of the Turkish school here tells me that very hard
standard in Science and Mathematics even the language is very important. Iím impressed! A small school like Fountain International School
High school and Grade school. They choose students who have more awards for academic excellence in contest world wide. So, that is my
impression. High Standard, comparable to the Philippine Science High school here and in Science High school in Turkey. I hope that the
school expands services and take more students and so it will help Filipino continue education that prescribe high standard.

Professor Emeritus Randy David, College of Social Sciences and Philosophy University of the Philippines

I understand that Turkey has invented a method for teaching Science and Mathematics which works very well with Turkish students. That is
one thing you can bring in TURKISH SCHOOL in the Philippines. For some reasons rather the way we teach mathematics in the Philippines, it
seems to inculcate fear among students. I think that educational experiences of Turkey being at the center of Ottoman for a long time, has
a lot Turkey to develop a particular approach to education that Turkish should share with the rest of the world and I see that Turkish school
in the Philippines and in the rest of the world has probably the entry point for this.
I know that the Turkish schools in the Philippines do not teach religion. Thereís a lot about the culture of Islam that can be shared. For
Instance, I didnít realize that until recently that many of the things that we enjoyed in the modern world that can be associated with
Technology and Science were actually invented by the Islamic world. There is something that truly amazing and that Turkey today can play
the role of bringing to the rest of the world the news of Islamís contributions to human civilization that Islam is not to be acquainted by
terrorism and violence. That Islam like any religious faith has something positive and affirmative contributes to the modern world.

Miss Lydia Echauz, President  of Far Eastern University
What struck me with your school is that thereís a great relationship with all of the students considering the diversity in culture, background,
nationality, religion and I think thatís a great achievement. That is our purpose in the world: to make it a peaceful achieving society. Also
everyone must do their part to make this world a better place. So as students, that is your job; itís a fulltime commitment.

Mrs. Arlyn Banks
I did not know FIS before.  We were scouting for a new school for my son and the reason why I didnít take him to bigger and prominent
schools is that their entrance exams have Filipino.  It was when Psychopros whose head is Dr. Letty Chan, a Dean in University of the
Philippines, told me about Fountain.  She said that this school has advanced Science and Math programs and the student-teacher ratio is
good.  She told me to put my son in Fountain.
Aside from the academic assistance the teachers offer to their students, I also like their effort of going out of their way to show concern to
their students.  I remember one time, a teacher personally brought my son home because it was late already.  I like the home visitation
because it makes the students realize that they are being cared for.  I also like the weekend activities like picnics and outings, that
establish a closer bond between the students and the teachers.  Here, you get to see each other in a different perspective.  You get to be
more comfortable with each other.  Aside from that, the teachers are also very open to communication, they are just one text away.

Ma. Liesl M. Atanacio
Design Manager of Emerson Network Power Industrial engineering Graduate of University of the Philippines
We like the home visitation program where teachers get to know their students from a different setting.  The student-teacher ratio of FIS is
also very good, compared to other schools which has more than thirty students.
Aside from that, my son was able to enhance more his skills in science and math by joining and winning different competitions.
I also like the barbecue parties of the students and teachers.  I am also very happy that Fountain extended its scholarship to private
schools.  So now, both public and private schools have equal chances of having this opportunity of studying in Fountain.    
And what I like more than the curriculum are the extra-curricular activities of the school to show concern to its students.Ē

Mrs. Evelyn V. Gopiao
My daughter used to be a very timid and shy girl; but here in FIS, she really bloomed holistically and she developed high self-esteem as she
attended school here.  Unlike in other schools that teachers simply ignore the little events in the class, here the teachers make it appoint
that each incident is taken into discussion and proper action will be given.  Here, all students have an equal chance to grow and to mature
and to enhance their potentials.
In FIS, my daughter Alex had a life, a real life where she learned how to enjoy the company of her real friends as she strives for academic
I also appreciate that teachers are always ready to listen to our concerns.  Being parents, we ask numerous questions, we raise endless
concerns to ensure the quality of education of our children; but despite all those, the teachers are always open for communication.  They
give you feedback about certain matters, and they always listen to what we parents have to say.