“Every sunrise is an invitation for us to arise and brighten someone's day.”

across the globe, we are united in our dedication to peace, unity and prosperity


Partnering to build a world more peaceful, prosperous and free from conflicts.

Among the different sectors of Philippine society, the foundation creates linkages and networks with National & Local Government Units, Businesses & Corporations, Media and the Academe. To date, the foundation through its international linkages and networks was able to bring heads and some members of these sectors together and  maintain professional and friendly relations with them.

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We facilitate holistic development

We at ICAD and its schools believe that among the world problems, ignorance must be primarily addressed enabling the people to recognize and address the subsequent problems.

As a charitable foundation, we accept the fact that contemporary world and its people are continuously struggling with a constant flow of problems and we  try addressing the most important problems namely, ignorance and lack of peace. These three major problems that are besetting the world which hinder its people to move forward and become positive members of society and the world.

As an educational institution, we commit ourselves to a true, unbiased, unprejudiced, contemporary and high quality education which will erase ignorance among the youth of this generation, leading to a productive future. A value oriented and high quality education will create a new generation of professionals who are service-oriented, morally sound and excellent doers in their chosen fields of expertise.


— Our Mission

ICAD Foundation and It’s schools are fostered by a deep sense of commitment to provide a nurturing, safe, professional and prejudice free environment to a richly diverse community of students, parents and teachers. We shall relentlessly pursue academic excellence, high moral character and life-long learning.

— Our Vision

ICAD shall endeavor to maximize the potential of every child through an active partnership between the administration, teachers, parents and children. ICAD seeks to provide a high standard of comprehensive basic and secondary education within an engaging and multi-modal curriculum, taught within a positive, secure and caring environment; where individual differences are acknowledged and appreciated.

— Our Story

Started as a simple Foundation in 1996 and growing bigger every day with thousands of graduates, hundreds of students and partners from both Government and Private institutions.



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